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False Alarm Prevention Checklist:

  • Do I need to update the people on my passcard list?
  • Do I need to request replacement cards?
  • Do all the people who have a key to my home or business also have a valid code to turn off the alarm system?
  • Does everyone in my building know the door(s) to use to enter and exit when the system is armed?
  • Do I feel confident in the operation of my system?
  • Am I sure everyone is adequately trained?
  • Am I confident about taking the appropriate cancellation steps in the event of an accidental activation?
  • Do I need to order a replacement manual or have certain procedures explained?
  • Do I know how to test my system?
  • Have I notified my alarm company of any phone number or address changes?
  • Have I given them a reliable second number to call if they need to verify an alarm before dispatching?
  • Do I know to advise the alarm company about any remodeling (involving fumes, doors, walls, windows)?
  • Have I considered using a generic passcode so all users could be identified by one easy-to-remember word or number?
  • Have I managed the list of assigned arm/disarm codes so I know who is using each one?
  • Do I know to call the alarm company if I acquire an indoor pet because an adjustment might be needed?
  • Do I avoid placing large moving objects (balloons, banners, plants) in front of heating vents if the area is protected by motion sensors?
  • Do I attend to any building defects that might cause alarm problems (loose fitting doors and windows, rodents, inadequate power, leaking roofs…)?
  • Have I contacted the local authorities to learn about permits, registration requirements and false alarm fees?
  • Do I let H&S know immediately if I have a problem by calling them?
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