Intrusion Booklet for Dummies

We don’t have an “Intrusion Booklet for Dummies.” There are books on “Excel for Dummies,” “Philosophy for Dummies,” “The Internet for Dummies,” “Auto Repair for Dummies,” and many, many more that you’ll find on Amazon. With our experience at H&S, we could write and publish an “Intrusion Booklet for Dummies,” but that hasn’t been at the top of our agenda.

Instead, what we do when we meet and work with customers on their security systems is to sit down with them afterwards and run through how to operate it. We keep it simple. We listen to the questions asked. We walk the customer through the various steps to operate the system, whether it’s an alarm system, video or access control.

We know the importance of getting you comfortable with the commands necessary to run your security system with confidence. If you don’t feel comfortable, you won’t use it. Then, the system becomes useless, which benefits no one.

Our account representatives and technicians are at your service. They spend time with you to make sure you feel good about the technology, and WANT to use it. We understand not everyone is an expert. In fact, most people are hesitant when it comes to trying new technology.

Part of our job is to overcome these worries, and we’ll stick around until you  feel comfortable.

If you need follow-up, don’t hesitate to reach us in north-central Wisconsin at 715.344.0727 or southeastern Wisconsin at 262.574.7777.