Lonnie Miescke Honored by WISA for 40 Years of Excellence

When H&S Protection Co-Owner Steve Garritson first met Lonnie Miescke in 1992, he was the new Operations Manager for Central Control. Lonnie then was the third shift central station supervisor. When you run a 24/7 operation, Steve knows your best people need to be on the weekend and evening shifts. When his beeper went off at 3 a.m., he knew it was a situation that needed his attention, and Lonnie was able to resolve most situations with customers and employees in a professional manner.

Steve knew he had a great employee in Lonnie, and because of her 40 years of service in the Wisconsin security industry, WISA (the Wisconsin Security Association) honored Lonnie with  a Lifetime Achievement Award for her 40 years of superior customer service.


WISA understands Lonnie takes people and property seriously and has displayed a consistent professional demeanor over the years in her approach to customers. She has built numerous friends and relationships with customers in her interactions over the years. WISA thanked Lonnie for her professionalism and superb customer interaction skills over her 40 years in the security industry.

When Steve asked Lonnie to reflect back over her 40 plus years in the security business on what she liked the most and the least, she said the least was the central station days when storms came up and the alarm activity would overwhelm the automation system and force a reversion to manual operation. Many times, Lonnie would stay to help the next shift until they got caught up.

“She liked the early Sentra Days Friday happy hours. We would send Lonnie to the bar next to the railway tracks with our drink order to bring back. We assumed they would provide a tray to hold the drinks. NO! Instead, Lonnie would recruit a bar patron to help her carry the drinks to our second-floor office. Once at the office, the patron would try to leave but Lonnie insisted he stay because most likely we’d be doing this again soon,” Steve said with a chuckle during the WISA awards ceremony presentation.

Most of all, Lonnie likes the friends and customers she’s had made along the way. Steve has seen first-hand the cards, letters, flowers and presents customers have sent her.

“Lonnie, the security industry and I owe you a debt of gratitude for all you have done  through 40-plus years of excellent customer service. It is my honor to present to you the Wisconsin Security Association “Lifetime Achievement Award,” Steve said.