The Fourth Generation

David Horgan has been familiar with the security industry for a long time. As a fourth-generation employee of H&S Protection, he’s learned from both his father Mike (current co-owner) and grandfather Ed (second-generation owner of Horgan Sales and Service). At some point in David’s career, he knew he wanted to follow in their footsteps. That day came last year shortly after graduating from college.

“I started working at H&S in March 2018. Growing up, my dad was always open to me working  for the family business, but I wanted to pave my own path. I went to school for music, but decided that I did not want to live the stressful lifestyle of a professional musician,” David said.

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David chose to finish his undergraduate education with a Bachelor of Arts degree and then apply to work for the family business. Before applying for H&S, he was advised to find a way to get a little bit of sales experience first, to prepare him for joining H&S at a later point. He worked for an insurance company for 4 months, selling insurance to union members.

“I enjoyed it to an extent, but pay was 100 percent commission-based and I was typically expected to work 50-60 hours per week. This placed a lot of pressure on me to ‘get the sale’, and added a lot of stress to my life. The end goal was H&S anyway, and so I waited until I felt I had a good basic understanding of sales techniques and made the switch,” he explained.

As an H&S Security Consultant, David is not just a salesman. His job is to find and meet with people who have security concerns, discuss what their concerns are, and design a custom system that will address their needs.

“I really enjoy designing security systems because it allows me to use my creativity and problem-solving skills, and people are generally very happy to have a security system specifically designed for them rather than a cut-and-paste, one size fits all system,” he observed.

David is always focused on expanding his knowledge about security. He takes every opportunity he can to make it to training sessions and demonstrations on new security solutions.

“I am always learning new ways to address security concerns, and the security industry is always innovating. One focus of mine lately has been to learn about commercial fire systems. There are a lot of state and federal codes that need to be followed, so there is a lot to learn,” he added.

David comes from a family of 6 — his dad, Mike, mom Lori, and three younger sisters: Emily, Allison, and Maya.

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In his spare time David enjoys casually learning songs on piano and guitar, and he captains a team and plays in the SPUFA Ultimate Frisbee League during the summer and fall.

Recommending H&S is easy. We provide quality, professionally-installed security systems, and ongoing technical support to give you the peace of mind you deserve. We are family-owned, and have been protecting businesses and homes in Central Wisconsin since 1959,” David said.

If you’d like to a quote or additional information on H&S from David, please feel free to email him at [email protected] or call/text at: 715-572-3743.

If you are a customer or vendor, and need to reach Casey on a project or get a quote, please contact her at [email protected] for email or you may call or text her at: 262-424-1048.