Grandmother Connection Lands Josh Miller at H&S

Sometimes it’s a person you’d least expect who lands you your next job. In the case of H&S Protection’s Josh Miller, that was his grandmother. “She was out working in the yard and Steve Garritson, one of H&S’s owners, is her next door neighbor,” Josh relates. Through that interaction, Josh found out from his grandmother that H&S was looking to hire. There was a notice at the bottom of the H&S monthly bill insert, and Josh read the notice and found the position appealing, so he applied and was hired.

“It sounded like a great job. I knew Steve was a good guy. The job had somewhat regular hours and I had been working the second shift at Texas Roadhouse.” Josh found the “shift switch” to day work appealing so he had more time to see friends and family.

Josh likes working with electronics, which was another part of the position appealing to him. “I like taking things apart and putting them back together and tinkering around. It’s a cool job. I like coming to work every day,” he said.

The teamwork at H&S stands out to Josh: “Everyone is very nice and helps each other out. If I need to get a question answered, Mike Solomon may come out to a site to help me. If I call Ben Garritson, he’ll get me an answer. Matt Ballantyne and Russ Zanow help me any time I ask. It makes the work less stressful, and our projects go more smoothly.”
Outside the job, Josh enjoys the outdoors, including long walks and longboarding — a version of skateboarding with a longer board. “You go faster on it than a skateboard and can take hills better. I go 15-30 miles one way, and it’s good exercise, peaceful and relaxing. It makes it nice to be outside and enjoying the weather.”

Josh has two sisters and lives at home with his mother and father. And his grandmother lives nearby if you ever need help with your job search.