Walking Through

When you want to hire a security company, do you want them to come in and tell you what to do? Probably not. Instead, you want to explain what, if any, specific issues you’re trying to address. Have you had a break-in and you want certain doors secured? Is employee theft a problem and you plan to cover specific areas of your business with video surveillance?

At H&S Protection, one of our strengths is performing a personal walk-through at your home or business with our consultants. We do this to ask questions, find out what matters to you and dig into the best locations to put the equipment necessary to meet your needs.
We can’t do that over the phone. We won’t install technology without taking a walk-through and meeting with you. You must feel comfortable with our people and expertise. We must scope out the project to ensure the best protection with high quality equipment at an equitable price.

Over the years, we’ve come to hear of companies in the security business who may attempt to give you a dollar figure over the phone for an installation. That’s not us. Yes, we can ballpark certain pieces of equipment. But to best protect your business or home, and to ensure we do a high quality job, plan on H&S scheduling time to meet for a face-to-face walk through.

Ask us questions. Make sure you are comfortable with our people. Check out our web site to learn more about us: www.hsprotection.net. The more you know about H&S, the more we think you’ll want to do business with us.