Cut the Cord on Your Landline

Customers across the United States are cutting the cord to their landlines. Convenience and cost come into this decision for many when deciding whether to solely utilize their smart phone for communications or whether to retain a traditional wire line. Because wireless continues to grow, and make inroads into the electronic security market, H&S Protection System offers this option to our customers. Before buying, consider a few issues.


First, you may be able to save money by installing a cell communicator for your alarm system.  Nearly one-half of all homes in the nation have abandoned their landlines. At the same time, many homes and businesses continue maintaining a landline SOLELY for their alarm system. This is an issue to think about and discuss with your H&S representative. What makes the most sense for you?

HS cut the cord

Second, through your smart phone and current communications provider, you may be able to upgrade to enable alarm reporting and interactive arming of your security system using your smart phone. Those are nice conveniences, and may be a smart option for you and your lifestyle.


H&S monthly monitoring fees for cellular can be as low as $34/month and allow you to ditch your landline while saving money in the process. We want our customers to make a wise decision. Research your options. Give us a call at our Stevens Point office, 715.344.0727, or Pewaukee, 262.574.7777, to speak with one of our representatives.


We’d love to hear from you, and discuss how we can help with your decision-making process. H&S is here to provide extra knowledge for your best-informed decision.