H&S System Helps Prevent Theft at Indoor Shooting Range

An indoor shooting range in Mequon, WI, remains open to customers after a potential theft was thwarted by an H&S Protection alarm and video security system. “Bear Arms,” a Boutique Indoor Shooting Range, was breached recently through the wall at a side business, but the alarm summoned police and the video system captured high quality clips now being used by law enforcement to track the suspected thief.

Owner Cheryle Rebholz was thankful for the protection and rapid response by police to the alarm. “We knew going in that shooting ranges can be a target of burglars. One of the reasons I opened the range was to help women learn how to properly use firearms and protect themselves and their loved ones. H&S’s security provided us extra protection to not only alert the police if we had a break-in, but also capture video to help in apprehension. Both systems worked the way they should,” Rebholz said.


H&S Protection’s Dave Kwasinski, who worked with Rebholz to create a robust system, was thankful the security system protected customers, employees and the assets of Bear Arms. “It feels terrific to design a system that prevented a theft. I hope it leads to an arrest and charges filed against the individual,” he said.

One of the police officers on the case provided feedback that he has “never seen video so clear before.” H&S continually upgrades technologies to stay up with industry trends and provide customers with the highest quality video equipment.

Nothing was taken in the break-in. “We’re thankful we had the alarm and camera system,” Rebholz said. “We might do some upgrades to further enhance our protection.”

H&S Protection has offices in Pewaukee and Stevens Point, WI, for your business and security needs. Sales and service representatives at those locations can be reached at www.hsprotection.net.

Simplify Your Access Control

If you own or manage a beer brewing business, we have new technology to simplify your security. But this access control system from alarm.com isn’t just for brewers. It’s for any business with multiple buildings or data sensitive needs.

In most setups for this industry, there’s a distillery, a brewery and a restaurant. Some employees need full access to all three. Some don’t. For example, managers may need to easily move from one building to the next. A cook, in contrast, may only need entrance to the restaurant. Access control technology builds on perimeter security and offers business owners options to improve and simplify who has access and when to different buildings.


H&S Protection has been providing this technology for many years.  What’s new is that our partnership with Alarm.com now allows us to provide cloud-based platforms, which eliminate the need for expensive client servers to store data and manage systems on site.  Instead, data is now stored off-site and user management can be done quickly and easily from the Alarm.com phone app.

It’s simple for H&S Protection to set this system up for you. We program it. We work with you to decide who should be able to go where, and when. The information will be stored in the cloud for you. And it will be easily accessible, hence changeable.

We take care of your initial programming. But you can change it in an instant through the app. Traditionally, this information is stored on your server, but another advantage of this system is sending the storage to the cloud, which allows greater ease for you in changing out access. If left on the server, typically your IT person is necessary to help make any changes.

We’ve worked this technology into our offerings over the past year, and it has been well-tested. Cloud security has also been improved. With more information being stored on the cloud, there’s less on your server to worry about.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a brewer. Large buildings, particularly with data sensitive issues, are an excellent fit for this technology in terms of upgrading and simplifying access. Insurance companies, small- and medium-sized businesses can all take advantage of the system. If you find you’re regularly have to change door locks, alarm.com could be a great addition. If you’re a large industrial company with a dangerous workplace, where you need to prevent access to critical areas, this access control system could be just right.

Give access to the people who need it. Prevent vendors from unnecessarily wandering around the warehouse. Reduce your liability concerns.

If you already have perimeter/intrusion security, this access control technology is an easy upgrade. Give  us a call to find out more in Stevens Point at 715.344.0727 or Pewaukee at 262.574.7777.

Let us know how H&S Protection can help serve your security needs. Give us a call or check out our web site at www.hsprotection.net.

Peterson Heads from Florida to Central Wisconsin to Join H&S

Originally from Central Wisconsin, Ross Peterson lived in Northwest Florida on the Gulf Coast. The Gulf Coast area was a vacation spot when he was younger and he decided to move to the area after finishing college. While things were going well in Florida, he had an opportunity to move back to the Stevens Point area to be closer with family.

“I saw an advertisement for an open position with H&S Protection. I remember hearing great things about the company and knew that I would like this line of work. I have been with H&S Protection since 2015. Being a smaller company, the owners and employees treat me like a person and not a number, which makes me feel that I made the right decision by joining H&S’s team,” he observed.


Before H&S, Ross worked in various physical security-type jobs, with his last being at a large 43-acre condominium resort in northwest Florida. He also worked in loss prevention/asset protection, protecting the property of business owners.

“I work as an installer and also complete service to existing systems. I like the variety of systems that we work with and customers to make that happen. With my previous background being in physical security, I like to understand the customers’ needs on specific security devices and provide my input on best devices to use and placement of them. Continuing education provided by H&S’s various suppliers/vendors and ESA (Electronic Security Association) is very important in this fast-paced industry and I enjoy learning new things to apply to my position,” he said

“Taylor, my girlfriend of 5 years, is very supportive of my job as sometimes I work on furthering my knowledge of systems at home. We purchased a home in Plover (15 minutes from the Stevens Point Office) together in 2017 and have a small dog named Nya. My parents live close by in Plover, and I have a brother in Minneapolis,” Peterson said.

During his spare time, Ross enjoys spending time with family, going back to the gulf coast and being on the water, fishing, working on vehicles and enjoying life as it comes.

“H&S Protection Systems can improve your residence or business by skillfully designing a system that meets and exceeds your needs with top notch support and service with a local feel,” he observed.

Ross can be reached on his cell at 262.894.0130 or by email at rpeterson@hsprotection.net.

Security at the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee

The Democratic National Convention is coming to Milwaukee in 2020. As Wisconsinites, we here at H&S Protection are happy to see the extra business coming to the state. It’s good for the economy, adds jobs over the next 18 months, and brings vigor to both downtown Milwaukee and the surrounding suburbs.

As a business housed in one of those suburbs in Pewaukee/Waukesha, we stand poised to help with unique security needs in the coming 18 months. An important issue that was addressed in selecting Milwaukee was the number of hotel rooms in the area. Without enough rooms to house the conventioneers, the city would not have won the bid. There are several hotels going up now in  Brookfield/Waukesha. Perimeter and video security systemsare typically put in place by hotels, and we have all those related products to deliver.

Beyond hotels though, Milwaukee and the surrounding area will have a lot of activity in the coming months, and a need to ensure high level officials are protected and safe. Any of the downtown buildings near the new Fiserv Arena, which houses the Milwaukee Bucks, should be thinking now about what new or extra they want in place to ensure the safest area for those coming to the convention.


Milwaukee will only get one chance to make a first impression and demonstrate the great qualities Wisconsin and the upper Midwest hold dear. We fully expect warm hospitality to be extended. For those visiting the city for the first time, they will find a livable city, ease of getting around, great old world restaurants and an amazing waterfront around Lake Michigan.


If you are a local business looking to up your security during these coming months, please give us a call at 262.574.7777 or email owner Steve Garritson at sgarritson@hsprotection.net. We are family owned and run since 1959, and dedicated to hometown values known throughout Wisconsin.

Idle Time Not for Dan Kolbeck

Idle time is not for Dan Kolbeck. Whether he’s out on the water for recreational activities, hanging out with his sons and dog or fixing a customer’s security system for H&S Protection, Dan stays active. A 17-year veteran with H&S, Dan was a self-described “cable guy” beforehand, doing a couple of years in the electrical field.

Now he works out of the service department in our Stevens Point, WI office. “I field service calls and perform system inspections. I’ve been doing it for many years, kind of like a lot of our customers have been with us for many years. It’s nice how working relationships are formed throughout the years. It makes you take a personal interest in their system(s),” Dan said.

kolbeck 1

Homework is often required to keep ahead of the ever changing, cutting edge technology in the security industry, and Dan doesn’t shy away from that extra step. “Through the years a couple of the faces may have changed, but for the most part the H&S team is a bunch of good people trying to do the right thing,” he said


His inner circle at home includes his two boys and a dog. “My sons both have college degrees and great jobs.  They are in their mid- to late-20s. I spend as much time as possible with all three,” he said.


Most of Dan’s interests are found outside or on the water. “If I’m not on the water or playing outside, I’m usually tinkering on some project in the garage or basement. You will rarely find me idle,” he said.

kolbeck 2

“My hobbies have tamed through the years. I used to think I had to try it all, at least once.

Sky diving, bungee jumping, scuba diving the ocean, were all great experiences, but now I’m content spending time on the water or messing with a guitar/gun/motorcycle.

Life can be short…Try to do the things you like as much as possible.”


If you need to reach Dan directly, please call or text his cell at 715-340-9612 or email him at dkolbeck@hsprotection.net

Snow, Ice, Wind, Rain

We’ve gotten it all in Wisconsin the past few weeks. As the saying goes, “You come to Wisconsin in the winter for the skiing, ice fishing, great restaurants and hockey. You stay because your car won’t start.”


Fortunately ours have started, along with our trucks. We keep them tuned and ready because we know there might be issues during extreme weather conditions with a security system, and we are going to continue servicing our customers through snow, ice, wind and rain.

hs snow

Temperatures hit -28 in our service territory a couple of weeks back, and the windchill made it -54. That’s Wisconsin weather. The following week, more snow hit, then rain, then freezing temps that made the roads dangerously icy in spots. H&S stayed on the job. We may change up some of our scheduled work to keep our technicians indoors for an installation or service call, but we’re always prepared to take your calls and get someone out to address your needs.

hs snow 1

We believe strongly in the security systems we sell and install, and pride ourselves on 24-7 availability to customers. Can we drive through 10-foot snow drifts? Nope. But we will make the effort to find alternate routes to get to you as quickly as possible.


H&S has been in the security business since 1959. We are family-owned and operated out of Pewaukee and Stevens Point. You can count on us.

Firefighting Leads to Fire Protection for Ben Garritson

Firefighting led Ben Garritson to fire protection, and fire protection led him to H&S Protection.  One doesn’t always necessarily follow the other, but in Ben’s case working as a firefighter/EMT on the Menomonee Falls, WI Fire Department led him to Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC) to pursue a career in fire protection. I just so happens at the time that H&S needed someone part-time to do fire alarm testing. Ben was ready and interested.

“My dad (Steve – Co-Owner of H&S) asked if I was interested in the position in 2012, and I took it, not really planning on it becoming a career path. I did that for about a year and was finished with school,” Ben explained.

hs ben fish

He then started looking for a career as a firefighter, and Steve knew that, and offered him a position as an install technician. “It sounded like a job I would enjoy, so I took him up on the offer and started working full-time,” Ben said.

In Ben’s current position as a service technician, he troubleshoots and repairs customers’  alarm system equipment and explains what the repair was to the customer and answers any questions they have.


“The thing I enjoy most about my job is all the variety we have every day. On a normal day I may go to 4 to 6 different locations and get to meet and work with different customers on every different type of system that we sell,” he said.


Along with his mom, Barb and Dad, Steve, Ben has an older sister, Stephanie. “I got married to my wife Danielle in September of 2016 and last year on November 30, my daughter was born (Natalie),” Ben said.

hs ben

Ben is a big outdoors man, who loves to fish, hunt and hike – “basically anything that gets me outside.”


“If I was recommending H&S, I would say that with us you’re going to get fast and friendly service. If you need to call us, you’re not going to get to some call center where you never really know who you’re talking to and may need to talk to several people to get an answer. If you talk to us, you’ll get hold of someone right away and get whatever question or issue resolved in a timely and friendly manner,”


If you need to reach Ben directly, his cell number is 262.364.8630 and his email is bgarritson@hsprotection.net.

The Fourth Generation

David Horgan has been familiar with the security industry for a long time. As a fourth-generation employee of H&S Protection, he’s learned from both his father Mike (current co-owner) and grandfather Ed (second-generation owner of Horgan Sales and Service). At some point in David’s career, he knew he wanted to follow in their footsteps. That day came last year shortly after graduating from college.

“I started working at H&S in March 2018. Growing up, my dad was always open to me working  for the family business, but I wanted to pave my own path. I went to school for music, but decided that I did not want to live the stressful lifestyle of a professional musician,” David said.

hs dave

David chose to finish his undergraduate education with a Bachelor of Arts degree and then apply to work for the family business. Before applying for H&S, he was advised to find a way to get a little bit of sales experience first, to prepare him for joining H&S at a later point. He worked for an insurance company for 4 months, selling insurance to union members.

“I enjoyed it to an extent, but pay was 100 percent commission-based and I was typically expected to work 50-60 hours per week. This placed a lot of pressure on me to ‘get the sale’, and added a lot of stress to my life. The end goal was H&S anyway, and so I waited until I felt I had a good basic understanding of sales techniques and made the switch,” he explained.

As an H&S Security Consultant, David is not just a salesman. His job is to find and meet with people who have security concerns, discuss what their concerns are, and design a custom system that will address their needs.

“I really enjoy designing security systems because it allows me to use my creativity and problem-solving skills, and people are generally very happy to have a security system specifically designed for them rather than a cut-and-paste, one size fits all system,” he observed.

David is always focused on expanding his knowledge about security. He takes every opportunity he can to make it to training sessions and demonstrations on new security solutions.

“I am always learning new ways to address security concerns, and the security industry is always innovating. One focus of mine lately has been to learn about commercial fire systems. There are a lot of state and federal codes that need to be followed, so there is a lot to learn,” he added.

David comes from a family of 6 — his dad, Mike, mom Lori, and three younger sisters: Emily, Allison, and Maya.

hs green bay

In his spare time David enjoys casually learning songs on piano and guitar, and he captains a team and plays in the SPUFA Ultimate Frisbee League during the summer and fall.

Recommending H&S is easy. We provide quality, professionally-installed security systems, and ongoing technical support to give you the peace of mind you deserve. We are family-owned, and have been protecting businesses and homes in Central Wisconsin since 1959,” David said.

If you’d like to a quote or additional information on H&S from David, please feel free to email him at dhorgan@hsprotection.net or call/text at: 715-572-3743.

If you are a customer or vendor, and need to reach Casey on a project or get a quote, please contact her at cgamel@hsprotection.net for email or you may call or text her at: 262-424-1048.

Casey Gamel Harding Brings Design Experience to All Security Installations

Casey Gamel Harding knows what she’s doing at a security system installation. She’s been in the industry 9 years, and has designed systems for commercial & residential customers over 5,000 square feet. Before joining H&S Protection earlier this year in August, Casey was a security sales representative in Cincinnati, OH, focusing on commercial & residential burglary, access control and video systems.


Her husband’s (David Harding) job brought the couple to Wisconsin.  Casey is originally from Cincinnati and David is from Paris, TN, and “we have a very spoiled little dog named Mattie,” she said.


Casey found out about H&S while doing a job search on Indeed, and that led to her position as a security consultant focusing on residential, small business and large commercial. She designs burglary, access control and video systems for customers.


“In our spare time here in Wisconsin, we have been section hiking the Ice Age Trail with our dog.  When we are down south, we enjoy taking our tear drop camper to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee and as many state parks as we can find,” she said.


Having recently moved to Wisconsin, Casey is still settling in. She recommends H&S to her neighbors because of the “breadth of the services we offer. We are able to custom-design state-of-the-art security and video systems that fit almost any budget. The systems we design are intended to ensure ease of use, and H&S goes above and beyond when servicing our clients, safeguarding that their needs are met continuously,” she observed.


If you are a customer or vendor, and need to reach Casey on a project or get a quote, please contact her at cgamel@hsprotection.net for email or you may call or text her at: 262-424-1048.

Security System Thwarts Allenton, WI Break-In

Small business owners face many challenges, but few can change an entrepreneur’s fortunes as swiftly as a break-in or theft due to inadequate security. One of H&S Protection’s customers in  Allenton, WI, recently learned the true value of security after a new 2GIG system helped thwart a break-in with an audible alarm and instant notification.

We heard back from our customer who told us, “Without our 2GIG security system, the thieves would have gotten in, and probably would have caused a lot more damage. After this experience, I’d tell any small business owner that they need some kind of security system, no matter where they are located or what their business is. It’s just about peace of mind, knowing that your inventory is protected and there is a strong deterrent for criminals.”

HS matt

Their security system includes wireless door contacts and infrared motion sensors. When unknown assailants attempted to pry open the café’s kitchen door overnight, the security system alerted H&S.

“This is an excellent example of 2GIG stopping criminals cold in their tracks, before they even get an opportunity to do major damage,” Steve Garritson, co-owner of H&S Protection, explained. “When the criminal tried to pry open the door, the 2GIG security system activated, turned on its audible siren and instantly notified us that there was a security issue. After calling the business owner, the owner immediately went to the café, observed that the door was damaged, and called the police to come clear the building.”

This relatively minor crime and business interruption could have been far worse if not for the dedication and persistence of H&S Protection System’s salesmen.

“The owner weighed the risk versus reward for months before  deciding on a security system. As a small business owner myself, I know it’s crucial to account for every dollar spent and control overhead costs. But as any break-in victim will tell you, when it comes to building security, the cost is always justified. There’s simply no better way to ensure your hard work and livelihood is protected than to invest in a security system,” Garritson said.

HS matt and dave

H&S installed the wireless 2GIG security system less than a year before the break-in. After the incident, the owner increased the property’s protection with a  camera system that uses motion detection to automatically begin recording motion clips, without the need for full-time recording or a DVR system.

This type of incident is fairly common, and is precisely what security systems are used to prevent and mitigate.

“Even though it started with a crime, this is a happy story. I want every business owner to be protected and able to focus on their own success. Proper security protects assets, provides peace-of-mind and enables entrepreneurs to grow their businesses in spite of criminals’ efforts,” Garritson said.

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Foxconn and H&S Protection

If you live, work or play in southeast Wisconsin, you know about Foxconn. The entire Racine-Kenosha-Sturtevant-Pleasant Prairie-Mt. Pleasant area is currently being disrupted in multiple ways as construction amps up. It’s not just the site under construction. It’s roads. It’s piping being laid to Lake Michigan for water. It’s on-ramps to the interstate.

We know because we serve the area. The project to build the facility will take years. That means a lot of change – earth being moved, roads being paved, traffic redirected, houses and businesses being built.

As a small business serving both southeast and central Wisconsin, H&S stands prepared to help new and existing businesses and homes with security services that meet 21st century standards.


If you have a business in southeast Wisconsin, or you’re a home or commercial builder, we’re here to address your security needs.  H&S Protection serves businesses of many different sizes and product lines. When new restaurants, schools, supermarkets or movie theaters are built in the years ahead as a result of growth in that corridor of Wisconsin, we will be ready with the products and services to help protect them.


H&S Protection has grown since its inception in 1959. Any business must adapt to changing circumstances to thrive. Foxconn is changing the landscape of southeast Wisconsin. That means adjustment and opportunity for many people and businesses. We truly hope to see our state benefit from the influx of the facility and stand prepared to do our part in providing the type of ongoing service that makes Wisconsinites proud.