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H&S Alarm Alerts Waukesha Police

Hardware Experience Helps Alicia Jensen at H&S

“A friend of mine at H&S recommended I apply. My main duties at H&S are job processing, customer service and receiving and staging parts for the jobs. I also order office supplies, update account information as needed and help the other admins,” Alicia said.

She and her husband, AJ, and have been together for 12 years. They have a pug named Gizmo, a cat named Gemma, and a piranha named Floki. Alicia and AJ are huge hockey fans and follow the Boston Bruins. They also enjoy professional wrestling like AEW and WWE.

“My husband does commentating and I sell tickets at the door and help where I’m needed. We’ve even met a handful of famous wrestlers throughout the years,” Alicia explained.

“We love going to concerts as well. Music is my absolute favorite thing. I’d rather go blind than lose my hearing and not be able to enjoy music. I’m getting more confident singing on karaoke nights at our favorite bar as well.  It’s fun. I also really enjoy DIY projects and fixing stuff around the house,” she added.

“H&S is an enjoyable atmosphere to work in.  Everyone is friendly and works together to make things run smoothly, and the owners and management make sure we are always on track and comfortable with our tasks,” she said.

“H&S is supportive if something comes up in our personal lives and a day off is needed.  Everyone here cares about each other as much  as the company itself.  It’s refreshing compared to my retail days,” Alicia added.

Birds Chirping

The birds are chirping in Wisconsin. It’s that time of year – if you’re thinking about buying or selling a home this spring, you’re getting warmed up for the task ahead.

We’re prepared to help you at H&S Protection. Not with your buying or selling. But, instead, we’ll help if you’re moving into a new home and you want to explore the newest security technology on the market.

The options available today can be confusing. If you’re not a techie, considering a do-it-yourself option probably isn’t going to work. That’s where H&S comes in.

Fifteen years ago, most home security installations were still  hardwired. Today, that has mostly gone the way of black and white TV, replaced by new wireless systems. These systems give you many features, not only to secure and protect your home, but also to help with energy consumption, lighting and other features.

With our www.alarm.com app, there are more services we can offer to help you “manage” your home than were available 7-8 years ago. It’s easy for us to set you up, and then explain how to use the key functions on your smart phone.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, gardening or golfing, you’re seeing some budding going on in the trees, and a hint of green here and there to lawns. Being in Wisconsin, we’ll probably still get some blustery snow in the coming weeks, but the birds are chirping and if you are in the market for a new home, please reach out to us to set a time where we can listen to your home security needs.

In SE Wisconsin, call H&S at 262.574.7777; if you live in mid-state Wisconsin, call us at 715.344.0727. We look forward to sitting down with you.

When the Bills Don’t Get Paid

If you are a manufacturer or distributor (or any business for that matter), you want to get paid by your customers. Missed invoices or incorrect invoices are bad for your business. If you face a problem like this, you know that it must be fixed. But, how?

We have a solution here at H&S Protection. We sit down and meet with you to set up a camera system targeting your staging area so that video footage captures your shipping process in exact detail. It’s the type of system we recently installed for a customer in Waukesha who found outgoing shipments weren’t matching up with what was received when their customers got the delivery.

They were coming up short. That’s not good, and our customer knew they needed to solve the problem quickly. We responded with a three-camera installation targeting the receiving dock. We watched the loading and unloading process to determine optimal locations.

Our cameras provided enough clarity to pick up the bill of lading on the invoice documents. With approximately $30,000-$50,000 tied up in inventory, this was a BIG issue for our client. The system holds 180-days of recorded video, and it captured what was leaving the facility on their trucks. This helped reveal that  the problem was actually with the carrier.

H&S helped with the video review. With our input and insights, the customer changed their shipping practices. While the issue wasn’t necessarily our customer’s, they needed proof on what was “going out the door” to determine where the discrepancy was.

For less than $4,000, H&S staff were able to come up with a targeted strategic design. “A really cool system” as one of our design consultants termed it.

Now, they don’t need to have $50,000 tied up in inventory. We provided a clarity level on the video that picks up text on the paper, including quantities and parts numbers. We adjusted the cameras as necessary to provide greater specificity. Any shipping or loading dock would benefit from a similar system by saving money tied up in inventory, which is money lost.

As a security company, we recognize the importance of your bottom line. If you think we can help you with a targeted system, give us a callin southeast Wisconsin at 262.574.7777; or in central Wisconsin at 715.344.0727.

Protecting Churches

Protecting Churches

When we recently finished a camera installation at a church in Wauwatosa, WI, we didn’t figure on the system coming into play so quickly. But, it did. And, that’s a good reason to consider a camera system if you head a religious congregation.

None of us want to think that a burglar or criminal will do harm to a church, synagogue or mosque. But Sadly, incidents do happen. Your building may be considered a “soft” target.

While we don’t know the intentions of those who broke into the Wauwatosa church, we do know they threw a brick through the window because our cameras captured that on an early Friday morning after we finished the install on Monday. It’s the fastest we can remember where an installation led to helping with an apprehension.

The video showed two men looking at the door, going back up the street, then returning, before taking off running after trying to open the crash bar. We received multiple views of the car as they drove up AND away. We’re glad we were there with video technology to capture the incident. It’s the type of help we’re proud to provide our customers, and to law enforcement so they can better do their jobs.

If you would like to hear from us about any of our security systems in the Milwaukee metro area, give us call at 262.574.7777. If you have a home or business in central Wisconsin and would like to meet with us, please call 715.344.0727.