H&S Snapshot Helps in Capture of Waukesha Bank Robber

A snapshot of an H&S Protection video clip helped lead to the apprehension of a Waukesha, WI bank robber this week. The clip was pulled from a video system recently upgraded for the bank by H&S. Last week, H&S helped publicize the robbery in our blog and through social media channels, to help police in their efforts to capture the criminal. You can read more on the previous story here. Below is the mug shot, which you can compare with the image we pulled.


H&S works closely with banks and other clients to ensure technology is regularly assessed and upgraded. In this case, the bank’s cameras were analog. Given the outdated nature of analog technology, H&S assessed, recommended, then installed newer digital cameras that improved the quality and clarity of the images captured during the event. This allowed us to pull a high resolution photo clip from the video and share that with law enforcement.

H&S owners Steve Garritson and Mike Horgan had this to say: “One of the major reasons we got into the security business and enjoy the work we do is our ability to help businesses and homeowners protect their assets, employees and families. To do that well, we regularly look at new technologies available from manufacturers and what would make the best sense for our customers’ needs.”

“For banks, there is a strong need for the most up-to-date camera quality. We meet regularly with the banks we service, and provide information to them to ensure the best protection possible.”

“In this case, we couldn’t be prouder of how things turned out, and that we were able to do our part to help local law enforcement. Sharing the photo clip is an added service we can provide to help protect local businesses and homes in the communities we serve throughout Southeast and Central Wisconsin,” they said.

Bank Robbery Shows Importance of Digital Cameras

No one wants to see crime. But sometimes good things result from a criminal act.


Just recently, a bank in Waukesha, WI was robbed. The thief’s image was caught on video and a picture pulled from the clip. That video was ours. You can see the picture here.


The image demonstrates the importance of “digital” cameras. Older cameras in businesses could still be using analog technology. With updated digital cameras, there is much higher resolution, hence an enhanced image. That allowed H&S Protection to reproduce a still image from the video clip to help Waukesha police in their search for the suspect.


We hate crime. But our job is to help deter, and sometimes aid in the apprehension of criminals who have broken into businesses.


In this case, it was good that our customer had recently installed new digital cameras. It made a big difference in terms of the clarity of images captured from the robbery. Sometimes good things follow from a bad event. We’ll continue to support the police in their hunt for this individual.


When the holdup alarm was sent to our monitoring center, we were on the line with Waukesha police in 14 seconds. That’s service we’re proud of.

We also follow up with customers in these situations. Every time we get an alarm, we look into it the next day, contacting the customer involved. We work hard to get it right, follow-up and deliver security systems that keep getting better.