Being Active on the Job Suits Jaken Bruckbauer Just Fine

Jaken had been working at Best Buy before joining H&S, where he sold cell phones. He’d been looking for a new position and ABR Employment Services contacted him with a potential fit at H&S. “I applied and got it. I interviewed with Mike Horgan and Jeff Lukasavige, and they were really nice. My brother knew Mike’s family, so I felt comfortable coming into the interview.”

As an Installer, Jaken is onsite, putting in place the products H&S offers customers. “The job changes every day. I install cameras, fire equipment, alarm systems and intercom systems. It’s pretty awesome,” he observed.

From Plover, which is 15 minutes from H&S’s Stevens Point office, Jaken lives with two roommates, Chuck and Andrew. His girlfriend, Anna, is currently at UW-Stevens Point, with plans to attend grad school.

Jaken enjoys hanging out with his roomies, playing video games. He is also into a modified version of martial arts once or twice a week for a workout. “We learn these techniques on the ground, which are kind of like wrestling holds and arm bars. You put people in position where they feel the pain,” he laughed.