Being Active on the Job Suits Jaken Bruckbauer Just Fine

Jaken had been working at Best Buy before joining H&S, where he sold cell phones. He’d been looking for a new position and ABR Employment Services contacted him with a potential fit at H&S. “I applied and got it. I interviewed with Mike Horgan and Jeff Lukasavige, and they were really nice. My brother knew Mike’s family, so I felt comfortable coming into the interview.”

As an Installer, Jaken is onsite, putting in place the products H&S offers customers. “The job changes every day. I install cameras, fire equipment, alarm systems and intercom systems. It’s pretty awesome,” he observed.

From Plover, which is 15 minutes from H&S’s Stevens Point office, Jaken lives with two roommates, Chuck and Andrew. His girlfriend, Anna, is currently at UW-Stevens Point, with plans to attend grad school.

Jaken enjoys hanging out with his roomies, playing video games. He is also into a modified version of martial arts once or twice a week for a workout. “We learn these techniques on the ground, which are kind of like wrestling holds and arm bars. You put people in position where they feel the pain,” he laughed.

Nuvico – When a Manufacturer Goes Defunct

When the manufacturer of a product you deliver goes defunct, how do you continue serving your customers to the best of your team’s abilities? H&S Protection was faced with that issue this year. Nuvico, a manufacturer of DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) and cameras we use for our installations, went out of business.

While we don’t have this type of situation occur often, one of the most important things we must do is communicate with our customers: “The Nuvico brand is no longer supported.” The technology continues to function in the field, but if it wears out or breaks down, we cannot replace it. That means we find comparable equipment for our customers to make a transition.


While finding a compatible replacement for the technology is a challenge, this service we perform for our customers ensures their system continues to operate optimally. Researching new options and finding the best fit is part of our job, and another reason to choose H&S over one of our competitors – we’re looking out for you over the long run.

If you have a Nuvico system, be aware. Keep us posted if you have an issue. If you’d like us to stop out and take a look at whether part or all of the system should be replaced, give us a call. Our Stevens Point and Pewaukee, WI numbers are on our web site:

Equipment sometimes reaches the end of its life. Manufacturers sometimes go out of business. We monitor those changes for our customers and prepare them for the next steps to ensure the best operating system for their needs. Though Nuvico is now gone, H&S will continue to service their equipment, and replace it as necessary. Let us know if you need to set up a service call.