Friendship Leads Walker Mence to H&S

Cleaning Up

Cleaning up is a big deal. We know how we personally feel when a service technician comes into our home and leaves behind dirt, wood shavings or other side effects from their work: Not good. Everyone wants their home or business to be exactly the way it was before the work commenced.


That’s a big reason we work hard to train our staff to clean up thoroughly when they complete their customer visits. We expect your home or business to be clean to your specifications when our people leave the job. As a customer, you should expect that level of professionalism from H&S Protection. If you don’t receive it, we strongly encourage you to contact us so we can make it right.

construction cleanup

Cleaning up on a job site after the work is done isn’t complicated. But it is something that should be done correctly after every service call. Our cleanup standard ethics are to make sure each job site is spotless daily when our technicians leave your site.

Expect no less from H&S. We know cleaning up is a big deal for you. It certainly is for us.