Upfront Timing on Your Home Build, Part II

(Editor’s note: This is the second in a two-part series on working with homeowners/builders to assess your security needs early in the process of a home being built.)

If you are building a home and working with a contractor, security needs are often overlooked.   But in today’s world  this is something you SHOULD be thinking aboutearly on.

Today’s homes are more and more connected. Security is part of that equation. Smart homes are dialed into services through your cell phone so you can access and activate lights, heating and air conditioning, security, locks, and your garage door through remote means.

You should address these types of services early in the planning process.  For example, if you want to be able to activate your garage door remotely through Alarm.com, you should bring that up with your contractor so a fully compatible door opener can be purchased; one that works with Alarm.com and connects to Wifi.  Then you’ll have no issues opening and closing the garage door remotely, getting packages delivered inside the garage if desirable or checking to see if you accidently left the garage door open through our smart phone app.

Locks for your home are another issue to consider during the upfront building of your home. You may choose to go wireless, eliminating the need to carry keys. Keyless entry can be provided through a pin keypad.

Choosing to have thermostat control installed during the build process is another consideration.   These devices can save energy and money over the long run.  Waiting to plan these smart devices until after your home is built can mean higher costs later to switch things out.

Many customers want to be in full remote control of their homes, whether that is to protect against intrusion, flood or fire, especially when they have pets at home. Upfront consideration of these issues while building your home is something H&S Protection highly encourages.

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