Camera Angles Critical

We know security camera angles are critical. Knowing the “hot spots” of a home or business is one of our skills. Still, we’re always open to tips, listening to our customers and other experts on how best to position cameras – both for deterrence value and to capture illegal activity.

One tip we’ve received, for example, comes from the Kenosha County’s Sheriff’s Department. They advise covering dangerous areas with more than one camera angle. That makes it easier to identify the perpetrator of a theft. H&S Protection agrees. The video we provide law enforcement in this situation helps create a better likeness of the individual.

We’ve also heard from the Department that one of their concerns is business owners not having effective training on how to use the video system. Our team members take this to heart. Not only do we train our people to ensure customers are comfortable with the system when our technicians leave a site, but we also encourage questions at any time. If for any reason there is a question on a system, please contact us in Stevens Point at 715.344.0727 or Pewaukee/Waukesha at 262.574.7777.

Another issue where we’ve received feedback from the Department concerns storage – the need to have enough storage and to hold onto the footage long enough for it to help law enforcement. We take this into account when working with customers to ensure they have the proper amount of storage for the system.

Pixilation – how clear the video appears on screen – is another important issue. If footage is grainy, it’s of no use. If cameras are placed too high or too far away from a scene that needs coverage, the pixilation will not be as effective. We understand this, and take the extra time to find the best line-of-site position and place our cameras for clarity of image.

And, while we don’t provide a “Camera Booklet for Dummies,” we do provide written materials to customers to help them make the best use of their video system. Better camera placement, more storage of video and the use of multiple angles are just three additional ways H&S works to protect your business or home.

Calling an Audible

In football, the quarterback may “call an audible.” When it comes to security systems, you want to make sure the area surrounding your home or business “hears an audible” alarm.

Don’t take that advice from us. It comes from the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department. Recently, the Wisconsin Security Association (WISA) held a Zoom session with the sheriff’s office on police- and business protection-oriented issues. One area that surfaced was appropriate protection provided by alarm systems.

A tip from the sheriff’s staff during the session with WISA was that “loud audible alarms” are one of THE best deterrents to burglar-related break-ins. The sound drives off the bad guys if they’ve chosen to break in. And, if the alarm has sounded previously, anyone casing the area recognizes that you have an alarm system and it will loudly alert the local community if your business or home has been breached.

No one wants to hear a super loud alarm sounding time after time next door. We recognize that. At the same time, the alarm sounding provides extra prevention and deterrence to your system. Law enforcement knows.

Give us a call to check on alarm options H&S Protection provides. Reach us in Stevens Point at 715.344.0727 or Waukesha/Pewaukee at 262.574.7777.