Lighting as a Deterrent

As  you head out for summer vacation this year, remember to protect your home while you are away. Keep your lawn trimmed, have your newspaper and mail taken care of while you are away and set indoor and outdoor lights, preferably with timers if possible.

Lights serve as a deterrent. Time and again, law enforcement preaches that potential thieves will move away from a home or business that is well-lighted and choose the home or business next door that is dark as their target.

H&S can help with your lighting needs. We work with your electrician to connect lights that you would like to operate remotely through your phone. The benefits are not only greater peace of mind, but convenience as well.

The ability to turn your lights off and on at specific times  is one of the major benefits you receive when we connect your alarm phone app to the lights in your home. You don’t need to purchase a timer. With a tap on your phone you get it all done.

We will discuss with you the best lights to operate remotely and what times make the most sense to turn lights on and off.  Our experienced sales associates and technicians will listen to your needs and work WITH you to design the most effective and easy-to-operate system.

Give us a call to talk to one of our representatives about how to best set your lighting when you are away from home to provide further protection. You can reach as in Stevens Point at 715.344.0727 or Waukesha/Pewaukee at 262.574.7777.