“Find a Problem and Solve it” — that’s H&S’s Jeff Lukasavige

Jeff Lukasavige likes finding problems. Then he enjoys solving them.  That puts him in a great situation with H&S Protection as Operations Manager out of our Stevens Point, WI office.  “I keep the trains running on time, hopefully,” he chuckled.

Though Jeff has only been with H&S two years, he has a strong work background from previous positions dealing with field and support services, particularly with Sentry Insurance, where he was employed for 28 years and served as Director of Corporate & Field Services.  When the downturn hit the U.S. economy in 2009, his position was eliminated, and he took a position in the assisted living industry for five years.

jeff l 2

But H&S was lurking in the background.  Jeff had worked closely with H&S employees Harvey Churkey and Dennis McNamara while at Sentry, and was instrumental in the design and deployment of access control and identity badging  at all Sentry offices across the country.  Jeff presented the conceptual design and its benefits to senior executives in Stevens Point, and the system was approved and deployed nationwide.

While in his position in the assisted living field, Jeff saw an ad placed by H&S for a customer relations/service position. He was intrigued and called Harvey, who then set Jeff up to meet with H&S Co-Owner Mike Horgan.  “Based on my experience, skills and potential, Mike hired me for the position.  Since then, I’ve been promoted to the Operations Manager position.”

In his current role, Jeff keeps field operations humming smoothly.  That entails juggling multiple priorities – project management, scheduling system installations and technicians, ensuring the proper amount of labor is allocated to each project, and ensuring the right parts are at the right place at the right time.

“I like the people and the leadership at H&S.  You’re not just a number, and the leaders are respectful of everyone’s talents and what they bring to the table,” Jeff said.

“My job is a daily challenge, and I enjoy technology.  It’s like a puzzle, and I like putting the pieces together.  I thrive in that environment and am accustomed to applying a logical deductive reasoning process to see if I do something, what will be the result of that,” he added.

Jeff is married to his wife Monica, a licensed daycare provider for 35 years.  They have four children and 7 grandchildren.

In his spare time (“There hasn’t been a lot of spare time the past year,” he laughed), Jeff enjoys reading, music and playing the piano.  “Actually, I enjoy developing technology skills in my spare time, looking at software and finding viable solutions for problems.  That’s what it’s all about – finding the problem and solving it,” Jeff observed.

In the years ahead, Jeff sees video surveillance replacing older, more traditional alarm systems.  “There’s a huge future for video surveillance because of all the smart features evolving in cameras.”

Jeff also harks to the assisted living industry to project that baby boomers retiring in the U.S. will increasingly look for ways to continue living independently longer, and the security industry will play a role in that.  “People want to stay in their homes and age in place, and with the technology evolving, seniors will be able to stay at home and their kids can be confident their parents will be safe.  It’s a huge industry change,” Lukasavige predicted.