Fun and Games with H&S’s Mike Solomon

If you don’t happen to know H&S Protection’s Mike Solomon, you’ll quickly be introduced to one of the sharpest wits in North America. Known for keeping his fellow employees laughing during early Monday morning operations meetings, Mike makes sure everyone gets a chuckle to start their week as he creates an environment that’s looser and more productive.

On his door is the following statement: “Thought of the day – A person who feels appreciated will always do more than expected.” That encapsulates Mike.


He may not want to let on about his softer side, but it lurks behind the biting humor, waiting to surface when helping others. His position at H&S as Operations Manager in Pewaukee means he’s the cog who ensures technicians are effectively assigned to projects; that the right equipment is available and on-site for installations and service calls; that troubleshooting a project goes seamlessly. He makes it happen. There’s no BS when it comes to getting the job done.

He described his job as creating tailor-made solutions for customers. “It’s not about what we ‘want’ to sell. It’s about what the customer wants to build. We build outside the box,” Mike explained.

Mike joined H&S 5 years ago after spending 14 years at Environmental Innovation, Inc., in a number of positions. He is married, with 2 kids, “one who is wonderful and one who is not,” he joked.

He stumbled onto H&S when, “I was out of work at the time and hadn’t thought about the security industry, but it turned out to be a good fit. The security industry is a good place to be regardless of which way the economy is headed.”

In his spare time, Mike joked that he likes to “rake a lot of leaves and lay on the couch and watch TV, particularly reruns of the Golden Girls.” He’s known for heavily supporting his kids’ sports teams and he “likes to play chess by myself.” He usually wins. But that’s Mike.