Easier Targets

Multiple studies over the years from law enforcement demonstrate that homes without security are more frequently targeted than a similar home next door. The posting of a sign warning a potential burglar of a home security system on the premises gets the bad guy thinking and slinking elsewhere.

Of course, the sign alone doesn’t get the job done. You  still need the system in place.

That’s where H&S Protection comes in. We sit down with you to go through your security concerns  to determine the most effective systems (and cost-effective) to put in place. It’s an easy process and we’ll ask questions to find out exactly what you want, using our years of experience to provide a solution.

That gives you comfort and peace of mind. When we plant our H&S Protection sign in your yard, you’ll know you’re not only  warning a potential burglar that the premises has a security system, you’re also getting the latest technology and a top-of-the line installation that will provide a quick response if someone has broken into  your home.

If you are looking for a home  OR business solution to your security needs, call us now. If you reside in central Wisconsin, call 715.344.0727. If you are located in southeast Wisconsin, call us at 262.574.7777.

Rural Doesn’t Always Mean Safer

Our Stevens Point and Pewaukee offices serve rural parts of Wisconsin. We’ve driven down our share of long lonely country roads to get to a dairy farm, manufacturing site or home. Crime doesn’t just happen in urban or suburban areas.

In fact, during a presentation earlier this year from the Kenosha Sheriffs’ Office to the Wisconsin Security Association (WISA), we were reminded by the officers to take extra care in rural areas. Sometimes lesser populated areas can be bigger targets for organized burglars because of their remoteness.

Beyond safety tips to put in motion lights, trim your hedges and have a dog who likes to bark, considering security cameras or an alarm system can provide you additional assurance. If you would like to talk with one of our representatives to discuss your situation,  give us a call in Stevens Point at 715.344.0727 or Pewaukee at 262.574.7777.

We offer the extra protection you seek. Our staff will sit down to hear your needs and concerns. We will walk your grounds and ask questions to ensure we put together the best package to protect your home or business most effectively and within your budget.

Rural communities are largely safe. We know this because many of our team lives outside Wisconsin’s more heavily populated areas. But they also choose to stay safer with H&S technology. It may be an option for you as well.