H&S Alarm Alerts Waukesha Police

Hardware Experience Helps Alicia Jensen at H&S

“A friend of mine at H&S recommended I apply. My main duties at H&S are job processing, customer service and receiving and staging parts for the jobs. I also order office supplies, update account information as needed and help the other admins,” Alicia said.

She and her husband, AJ, and have been together for 12 years. They have a pug named Gizmo, a cat named Gemma, and a piranha named Floki. Alicia and AJ are huge hockey fans and follow the Boston Bruins. They also enjoy professional wrestling like AEW and WWE.

“My husband does commentating and I sell tickets at the door and help where I’m needed. We’ve even met a handful of famous wrestlers throughout the years,” Alicia explained.

“We love going to concerts as well. Music is my absolute favorite thing. I’d rather go blind than lose my hearing and not be able to enjoy music. I’m getting more confident singing on karaoke nights at our favorite bar as well.  It’s fun. I also really enjoy DIY projects and fixing stuff around the house,” she added.

“H&S is an enjoyable atmosphere to work in.  Everyone is friendly and works together to make things run smoothly, and the owners and management make sure we are always on track and comfortable with our tasks,” she said.

“H&S is supportive if something comes up in our personal lives and a day off is needed.  Everyone here cares about each other as much  as the company itself.  It’s refreshing compared to my retail days,” Alicia added.