When Crime Happens Elsewhere

The tendency of most people is to breathe a bit more easily when they read on the Internet or watch the television news and see a crime event not near where they live. It’s human nature to think you are more protected when something bad occurs miles away. At H&S Protection, we understand that feeling. But we urge you to consider a few other points to ensure your business or home is most effectively protected.


Recently, in a very small section of the Milwaukee metro area that we service, there was wanton destruction of several businesses. If you lived close to that area, your natural inclination was most likely fear for your home or business. If you’ve been in a similar situation, you may have taken steps to further secure your possessions.


During this recent bout, we received information that during the hub bub, several attempted break-ins occurred elsewhere in the city. Informed burglars use this tactic. When the police are occupied with a visible situation that takes extra manpower, that leaves other areas of the city vulnerable.


Our point in all this is to encourage you to remain vigilant about your safety and security if an area serviced by your police requires an extra expenditure of resources. That could mean the bad guys are looking for other vulnerabilities.

If you run a business, check your alarm. Make sure your cameras operate effectively. Talk to your employees about taking extra precautions.

If you’re a homeowner, communicate with your neighbors. Lock your doors. Turn on extra lights. Make sure your alarm system is armed and operating.
The best defense is preparation.  H&S urges you to stay informed and aware.