Gasoline Fire Caught by H&S Video

There are many reasons to install video security cameras in your home or business. You want to prevent crime, and deter it. Sometimes you get lucky and a perpetrator is caught on video. We had that happen recently.
bar fire
H&S Protection cameras recently captured an arsonist torching a Milwaukee bar. We hope to be able to post the video soon for others to see, but at this point, here’s what we know. We installed a camera system for our customer. Watching the video from the fire, you can clearly see an arsonist pouring gasoline in a number of locations, then striking matches to start the fire.

It’s a good thing he was clumsy, because he couldn’t get the matches to light the first or second time. We hope that will help us identify him as we work with local authorities to catch him. Our clips show him torching the back, and marching boldly out in front of the bar to start the blaze there as well.

Our night vision video did what it was supposed to do. We have very clear pictures and have provided those to authorities. People come to H&S Protection for this very reason.

The bar was damaged, but not destroyed. The fire department did its job, and we want to salute emergency response officials for arriving quickly to prevent further destruction of the property.

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