Slamka Brings Craftsmanship to H&S

Greg Slamka brings craftsmanship to H&S Protection. Though he serves as a technician at H&S and provides technical support to customers, Slamka’s appreciation for good craft work extends to buildings, photographs, cars and gun collecting. “I’ve developed an interest in gun collecting and appreciate the history of vintage guns and the craftsmanship and technology of vintage guns,” he explained. His father is also into gun collecting and it’s a hobby that the two share together.


Greg joined H&S 24 years ago after hearing about a position through the newspaper. Previously he had worked at a historic paper mill (founded as Nekoosa Edwards Paper Co.) in Port Edwards, WI, Joerns Healthcare, a local Stevens Point company that was bought and shut down, and TRW in Torrance, CA, an aerospace government contractor.


When explaining to customers why they should choose H&S for their security needs, he tells them about the advantages of hiring a “small company that provides quality equipment and stands behind its work.”


He enjoys his spare time, and stays busy with multiple activities — cars, researching history, walking and animals. “I’m a big animal lover. In high school I was a movie protectionist and I always enjoy film movies. Digital movies have no soul,” he observed. “I am an environmental steward.”


Greg has a brother and sister and a cat named Jack. He also makes a point to spend quality time with his parents who live locally near Greg.


If Greg can help you with any of your security needs, please reach out to him at our Stevens Point, WI office, through email at [email protected] or phone at: 715 344-0727.