50-Year Industry Veteran Jim Kurtz

When you look at Jim Kurtz’s career at H&S Protection, you might call him a puppy with only 16 years on board. But, when you look at what he brings in terms of experience in the security industry, it’s way, way more. He’s been selling different types of security products and services for over 50 years in Wisconsin. He owned a company for 11 years, and worked for a large national company as well. “I’ve been one of those commissioned sales guys my entire career,” he laughed.


Jim enjoys meeting people on the job and designing residential and commercial systems for customers. “We give them peace of mind,” he said.

Before joining H&S, which was Sentra Protective at the time, Jim worked with current owner Steve Garritson. “Steve and the other owner at the time asked me to come work for them. And I said, ‘Once you get established.’ That was in 1997, and I joined them in 2001. Working for a large company was not my cup of tea, so I was glad to get back to a locally owned company.”

He likes the smaller business environment at H&S and the culture Garritson and co-owner Mike Horgan have created. “Decisions get made here quickly, not like the corporate world where they can bog down,” Jim said.

His favorite thing about his job is the “freedom available in what H&S allows me to do, and the freedom you get as a commissioned sales person. I’ve been in that type of position my entire business life.”

Kurtz is married to his wife Barbara, and they lost a daughter to cancer. They have a son Jeff, and 4 grandchildren. In his spare time, he likes to play cards, and sample restaurants in the Milwaukee area, as well as spend time with friends. After recent surgery to replace a knee, Jim is back up and active. “We also like to spend time in Florida during some of the colder months in Wisconsin. It’s good that our house is well protected by H&S when we are gone. You need to be careful today and you can’t tell everyone about your travel plans,” he observed.

Given his long-term industry experience, Jim said, “It’s nice to have people call you who remember you from years back. It’s gratifying that they remember and call you. I must be doing something right.”


Jim Kurtz has been doing a lot right for H&S, and we’re glad he continues to bring his smiling self to the office and our customers. He enriches our team, and is able to share his experiences inside and outside our walls to help others.

Nancy DeSandre Rides over 250 Miles on her Bicycle to Help Beat Childhood Cancer

Nancy DeSandre recently completed 250 miles (or 251 to be exact) on her bicycle to help beat childhood cancer. It was a goal of hers for the Great Cycle Challenge, and she ended up raising close to $800 for the Children’s Cancer cause.

An avid bicyclist, Nancy trained over and above her normal routine to prepare for the extra miles.  “But I wouldn’t have made it without my friend Liane’s bike,” Nancy said.


Nancy’s mileage was accumulating nicely (riders break down their trips typically so they don’t have to do a huge chunk in any given day), when her bike broke, got fixed, then broke again, having to go into the shop. “Liane had her old bike – a really nice Trek – that was sitting in her garage and she let me put my miles on it for the challenge,” Nancy explained.

DeSandre, who coordinates service for H&S Protection out of its Pewaukee, WI office, thanked all her contributors and supporters “for encouragement throughout the month of June and the money you donated so I could surpass my fundraising goal. You guys are awesome.” She upped her initial goal from $250 to $500, and then raised close to $300 more than the higher goal.

Because she was one of the first 3,300 riders to raise over $500, Nancy also earned a jersey.

H&S Protection is proud of Nancy’s accomplishments and her contributions to a higher cause. She reflects the types of values we look for in our employees.

The Great Cycle Challenge to date has 38,053 riders, raised $4,262,103 for Children’s Cancer, and ridden 2,552,613 miles!

“Thanks again for such a great month to help beat children’s cancer. I will definitely do this again next year,” Nancy thanked her supporters.