State of the Packers

Last week we had the opportunity and pleasure to visit Lambeau Field in Green Bay to see the Packers defeat the Dallas Cowboys.  Going to a football game there is a lifetime experience, something everyone in Wisconsin should do at least once.  Even if you are not a football fan, the camaraderie with others is palpable, fun and memorable.


Because Wisconsin is our state of business, we hold a special place in our hearts for the Packers.  We think the team embodies much of the spirit of our state, and we are proud to call this our home.

packer leaping

When you walk through the parking lot before the Packers’ game, people greet you, offer you food, drinks and conversation.  They embrace you.  We look at our customers and employees in a similar way – connecting like we are good neighbors.


We do business with that Packers mentality:  down home, hard working, you can count on us giving you the extra effort to get the job done.  Packers’ fans typically are bitten early by the bug and remain devoted for rest of their lives.


After learning about our products and services, we hope our customers and employees see us in a Packers-like way.  That means staying with us a long, long time, as we continue to earn their trust on annual basis.  It’s not easy for the Packers to stay highly competitive year after year, but they’ve had a long-term rate of sustained excellence.  H&S strives to follow that example.  Go Pack!

Your Alarm System Communicating to the Monitoring Center

For the uninitiated, when you purchase an alarm system, one of the most important functions you are getting is a trained team to monitor activations that occur.  If your home or business has an intrusion, break-in or breach, that signal is immediately transmitted to our monitoring center, where well-trained personnel respond quickly and appropriately to get in touch with the customer and find out what, if anything, is wrong at the site.


There are times when our monitoring personnel will contact you, and nothing occurred at your home or business.  We confirm with you that the alarm is not signifying a break-in during this type of situation.  That’s an added service that helps prevent unnecessary calls to the local police department for them to dispatch officers to the location.  Those calls also build a stronger bond with our customers by opening the lines for communicating issues of concern.

Once activated, your alarm system communicates various types of signals to the monitoring center.  Information sent to the monitoring center may include:

Intrusion Alarms (e.g. doors, windows, glass break and motion sensors) are active when the system is armed. The monitoring center’s standard response is to verify the alarm by calling the site first. If an authorized person does not cancel the alarm, the authorities are dispatched, and the monitoring center attempts to notify one of your contacts.

Fire Alarms (e.g. smoke and heat detectors, water flow, and fire alarm pull stations) are active 24 hours a day. The monitoring center will try one designated phone number before dispatching the fire department. After dispatching the fire department, the monitoring center will try to contact someone on your call list. Note: Some municipalities require that systems monitoring commercial sites notify the fire department first (prior to making any other calls). IMPORTANT: We strongly advise that dispatch of FD is cancelled only if you are 100{59b821151e39af42eef718daa0ebc6fb83107991e252daffe9897dd321f5d2cf} certain the alarm is false and you know what caused the alarm.

Environmental or Equipment Signals (e.g. carbon monoxide detectors, water and temperature sensors, and equipment failures) are usually active 24 hours a day. The monitoring center will attempt to notify you or one of your contacts if these signals are received.

Trouble Signals are active 24 hours a day. They alert you to problems with the system. Signals could include communication problems, low batteries, and faulty sensors. The command center will attempt to notify someone of these signals. You may instruct the monitoring center to hold these calls for daytime notification only.

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