Simplify Your Access Control

If you own or manage a beer brewing business, we have new technology to simplify your security. But this access control system from isn’t just for brewers. It’s for any business with multiple buildings or data sensitive needs.

In most setups for this industry, there’s a distillery, a brewery and a restaurant. Some employees need full access to all three. Some don’t. For example, managers may need to easily move from one building to the next. A cook, in contrast, may only need entrance to the restaurant. Access control technology builds on perimeter security and offers business owners options to improve and simplify who has access and when to different buildings.


H&S Protection has been providing this technology for many years.  What’s new is that our partnership with now allows us to provide cloud-based platforms, which eliminate the need for expensive client servers to store data and manage systems on site.  Instead, data is now stored off-site and user management can be done quickly and easily from the phone app.

It’s simple for H&S Protection to set this system up for you. We program it. We work with you to decide who should be able to go where, and when. The information will be stored in the cloud for you. And it will be easily accessible, hence changeable.

We take care of your initial programming. But you can change it in an instant through the app. Traditionally, this information is stored on your server, but another advantage of this system is sending the storage to the cloud, which allows greater ease for you in changing out access. If left on the server, typically your IT person is necessary to help make any changes.

We’ve worked this technology into our offerings over the past year, and it has been well-tested. Cloud security has also been improved. With more information being stored on the cloud, there’s less on your server to worry about.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a brewer. Large buildings, particularly with data sensitive issues, are an excellent fit for this technology in terms of upgrading and simplifying access. Insurance companies, small- and medium-sized businesses can all take advantage of the system. If you find you’re regularly have to change door locks, could be a great addition. If you’re a large industrial company with a dangerous workplace, where you need to prevent access to critical areas, this access control system could be just right.

Give access to the people who need it. Prevent vendors from unnecessarily wandering around the warehouse. Reduce your liability concerns.

If you already have perimeter/intrusion security, this access control technology is an easy upgrade. Give  us a call to find out more in Stevens Point at 715.344.0727 or Pewaukee at 262.574.7777.

Let us know how H&S Protection can help serve your security needs. Give us a call or check out our web site at

Peterson Heads from Florida to Central Wisconsin to Join H&S

Originally from Central Wisconsin, Ross Peterson lived in Northwest Florida on the Gulf Coast. The Gulf Coast area was a vacation spot when he was younger and he decided to move to the area after finishing college. While things were going well in Florida, he had an opportunity to move back to the Stevens Point area to be closer with family.

“I saw an advertisement for an open position with H&S Protection. I remember hearing great things about the company and knew that I would like this line of work. I have been with H&S Protection since 2015. Being a smaller company, the owners and employees treat me like a person and not a number, which makes me feel that I made the right decision by joining H&S’s team,” he observed.


Before H&S, Ross worked in various physical security-type jobs, with his last being at a large 43-acre condominium resort in northwest Florida. He also worked in loss prevention/asset protection, protecting the property of business owners.

“I work as an installer and also complete service to existing systems. I like the variety of systems that we work with and customers to make that happen. With my previous background being in physical security, I like to understand the customers’ needs on specific security devices and provide my input on best devices to use and placement of them. Continuing education provided by H&S’s various suppliers/vendors and ESA (Electronic Security Association) is very important in this fast-paced industry and I enjoy learning new things to apply to my position,” he said

“Taylor, my girlfriend of 5 years, is very supportive of my job as sometimes I work on furthering my knowledge of systems at home. We purchased a home in Plover (15 minutes from the Stevens Point Office) together in 2017 and have a small dog named Nya. My parents live close by in Plover, and I have a brother in Minneapolis,” Peterson said.

During his spare time, Ross enjoys spending time with family, going back to the gulf coast and being on the water, fishing, working on vehicles and enjoying life as it comes.

“H&S Protection Systems can improve your residence or business by skillfully designing a system that meets and exceeds your needs with top notch support and service with a local feel,” he observed.

Ross can be reached on his cell at 262.894.0130 or by email at [email protected].