H&S System Helps Prevent Theft at Indoor Shooting Range

An indoor shooting range in Mequon, WI, remains open to customers after a potential theft was thwarted by an H&S Protection alarm and video security system. “Bear Arms,” a Boutique Indoor Shooting Range, was breached recently through the wall at a side business, but the alarm summoned police and the video system captured high quality clips now being used by law enforcement to track the suspected thief.

Owner Cheryle Rebholz was thankful for the protection and rapid response by police to the alarm. “We knew going in that shooting ranges can be a target of burglars. One of the reasons I opened the range was to help women learn how to properly use firearms and protect themselves and their loved ones. H&S’s security provided us extra protection to not only alert the police if we had a break-in, but also capture video to help in apprehension. Both systems worked the way they should,” Rebholz said.


H&S Protection’s Dave Kwasinski, who worked with Rebholz to create a robust system, was thankful the security system protected customers, employees and the assets of Bear Arms. “It feels terrific to design a system that prevented a theft. I hope it leads to an arrest and charges filed against the individual,” he said.

One of the police officers on the case provided feedback that he has “never seen video so clear before.” H&S continually upgrades technologies to stay up with industry trends and provide customers with the highest quality video equipment.

Nothing was taken in the break-in. “We’re thankful we had the alarm and camera system,” Rebholz said. “We might do some upgrades to further enhance our protection.”

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