Why We Train

Professional sports officials, like those officiating the NFL or NBA, for example, get feedback on their performance after every game. They prepare and train even during the off-season. That’s what makes them the best, and helps them execute the rules instantaneously with a high degree of success on a consistent basis.


H&S Protection takes a similar approach with our training. We provide outside courses for our employees. We send them to CEU (Continuing Education) classes so they can learn the newest installation techniques, equipment and standards. We like to see our employees continuously updated and refreshed so they deliver the best service to our customers.

Recently we sent Dave Kwasinski and Dave Simon, two of our newer employees, to a CEU class put on by the Electronic Security Association (ESA), the national association supporting our industry. ESA takes best practices and puts them together to ensure superior training is available for those entering the electronic security industry. Dave and Dave are not technicians. They work in business development. But it’s still important to us that they be informed and knowledgeable on the systems they sell. That makes them better able to explain services to our customers and answer customer questions, so we put together the types of security packages that best meet our customers’ needs. We deliver.


The vendors who sell to us also put together training sessions for our staff so that we understand the important features of new technology and what it means to the different types of clients we serve. That keeps us on our toes.


Our people aren’t referees in front of huge television audiences, but they are well-trained professionals in front a hugely important audience – customers with needs to protect their homes, businesses and assets. For H&S employees to be the best, we keep the high level training coming. You can count on us for that.

Ensure Your Connectivity

Ensure data connectivity so your security system delivers its signal quickly and effectively. Every security system sends an electronic signal when the system is triggered. Whether you have a wired or wireless system, that message must get routed through the electronic network to ensure the monitoring center immediately finds out there is an issue in your home or business.


If you have recently switched your home or Internet provider, there could be a loss of that connectivity. Alarm and video surveillance systems use supportive services to ensure effective connections. Computer networks, WiFi, land telephone lines, Internet and cell phones are all used for alarm monitoring, interactive/smart home services and video monitoring.


BEFORE you make any changes to your Internet, phone, network or related service or providers, contact H&S Protection. We will work closely with you to determine if any changes you are considering may affect your service.


Please check with us before you make any of these changes. They may cause unintended data transmission problems. No one wants that. And, even an unintended malfunction may require a service call. Prevent that, and call H&S Protection first. We’re here to help and head off issues before they become problems.