New Operations Manager Ben Garritson

New Operations Manager Ben Garritson

This past August, Ben Garritson stepped into a new role for H&S, shifting over from his position as a Service Technician to take over as Operations Manager. The new role will come with challenges for Ben as he replaces Mike Solomon, who had served in that capacity for nearly ten years before moving into a new role of his own at H&S.

Change comes with challenges. Change also is an opportunity to branch out. We’re pleased to offer Ben his share of new responsibilities and opportunities, and glad that he has accepted.

After eight years as a Service Technician, Ben’s experience prepared him for the Operations Manager’s role. Knowing our technical staff and with strong customer knowledge, Ben will use his knowledge base to schedule and oversee installations and service calls. “I’ll do the best I can to ensure everything runs smoothly,” he noted.

Ben enjoys working with customers in his new capacity to make sure their concerns are addressed fully and in a timely manner. He sees balancing the technician schedule to best serve customers as the greatest challenge. “I want to put everyone on our team in a spot where they can succeed,” he said.

Ben runs a Monday morning meeting, where H&S brings together the entire team to address the weekly schedule as part of H&S’s commitment to keeping an even workflow on the security projects in the pipeline. “We’re currently running our meetings virtually, and when I need to, I lean on Mike Solomon for his experience. He’s been there, done that, and knows all the ins and outs of the position to help me through my transition,” Ben said. (Stay tuned for a future blog on Mike Solomon’s new role with H&S.)

Please reach out to Ben with any issues at 262.574.7777; or email at [email protected].