Protecting Churches

Protecting Churches

When we recently finished a camera installation at a church in Wauwatosa, WI, we didn’t figure on the system coming into play so quickly. But, it did. And, that’s a good reason to consider a camera system if you head a religious congregation.

None of us want to think that a burglar or criminal will do harm to a church, synagogue or mosque. But Sadly, incidents do happen. Your building may be considered a “soft” target.

While we don’t know the intentions of those who broke into the Wauwatosa church, we do know they threw a brick through the window because our cameras captured that on an early Friday morning after we finished the install on Monday. It’s the fastest we can remember where an installation led to helping with an apprehension.

The video showed two men looking at the door, going back up the street, then returning, before taking off running after trying to open the crash bar. We received multiple views of the car as they drove up AND away. We’re glad we were there with video technology to capture the incident. It’s the type of help we’re proud to provide our customers, and to law enforcement so they can better do their jobs.

If you would like to hear from us about any of our security systems in the Milwaukee metro area, give us call at 262.574.7777. If you have a home or business in central Wisconsin and would like to meet with us, please call 715.344.0727.

Laundromat Cameras

Laundromat Cameras

There are many businesses where automated security make sense. And, there are many reasons to install a system, whether that’s to help deter potential criminal behavior or to provide video of actions that could damage your business.

When it comes to laundromats, there is an equipment investment that needs to be protected. There is also an issue of simplifying operations for the owner/manager.

In Racine, WI, towards the end of last year, we installed a fully automated system in a local laundromat, which includes our app. The laundromat now has complete control of the security system through their smart phone.

That means through the phone the doors unlock, lights go on, cameras can be monitored. The owner/manager has complete control.

Before the system was installed, the manager had to drive to the facility every morning to open up, …unlock the doors and turn on the lights; and every evening to close.  Now through, the process is simplified by only needing a quick tap on the smart phone.  That’s convenience. That’s simplifying life for a small business owner.

Drive time is saved. The laundromat can be opened and closed remotely. That’s H&S Protection thinking outside the box for you. Give us a call in SE Wisconsin at 262.574.7777 or Central Wisconsin at 715.344.0727, and see how we can help you simplify your business needs.