Changing Security Needs of Banks

Every customer is different. Even though we serve many different types of homes and businesses, there are unique needs to each security installation. Some homes are bigger and require a more thorough walk-through and additional technology. Depending on the type of business, we may establish a heavy perimeter level of protection or intensely cover the interior. We look at what our customers want, talk it through, then propose solutions.
H&S Protection serves many banks. You might call it a market niche for us. But banks, too, have different needs depending on their size, placement and use of ATMs, the number of tellers, the size of walk-in business vs. the number of customers who utilize the drive-through windows and more. When we work with banks, we discuss these issues to determine placement of cameras, potential vulnerabilities, and how to prevent a robbery of the bank or of a customer.

Though we serve many vertical markets, we’re proud of the additional focus we’ve been able to bring the banks we serve. We offer experience and knowledge to bank customers, and know what parts of the branch might require more attention. That allows us to efficiently help the bank.
By concentrating on banks, we know their needs and some of the pitfalls encountered in establishing the best security system possible. We’re a better advisor because of that.

There are many changes occurring in the banking industry – how lobbies are organized; the number of tellers being used by a branch; customers choosing to do more business at ATMs; the security needed to monitor the outside of a building rather than the inside. H&S Protection is ready for these changes and available to explain new technologies and other security offerings. Check our web site for more information: