Injecting Youth and New Positions into H&S Protection

Injecting Youth and New Positions into H&S Protection

When Covid hit in 2020, it surprised us a bit that H&S Protection had  its best sales years ever. That trend continued in 2021 with another record year.  We’re proud of our team bringing in the business and making sure each customer gets the specific attention and handling they deserve.

Part of our development this past year included moving staff into new positions as we’ve grown our business. We also brought in new  team members to keep our employee pipeline in good shape for the years ahead. We believe it’s important to invigorate along both those lines (giving employees new opportunities and bringing in new team members).

Building the next generation of our H&S team is a process. We see a lot of promise in our “up-and-comers.”   We see a lot of competitive spirit, camaraderie and excitement company-wide.  Our sales reps check in with each other regularly to see how they’re matching up.  Bragging rights mean a lot to them.

We’re thankful for our employees and our customers. As we move into 2022, we will continue to focus on developing our employees and building our customer base by offering and servicing the technology and solutions they seek.

Mike Horgan and Steve Garritson