Idle Time Not for Dan Kolbeck

Idle time is not for Dan Kolbeck. Whether he’s out on the water for recreational activities, hanging out with his sons and dog or fixing a customer’s security system for H&S Protection, Dan stays active. A 17-year veteran with H&S, Dan was a self-described “cable guy” beforehand, doing a couple of years in the electrical field.

Now he works out of the service department in our Stevens Point, WI office. “I field service calls and perform system inspections. I’ve been doing it for many years, kind of like a lot of our customers have been with us for many years. It’s nice how working relationships are formed throughout the years. It makes you take a personal interest in their system(s),” Dan said.

kolbeck 1

Homework is often required to keep ahead of the ever changing, cutting edge technology in the security industry, and Dan doesn’t shy away from that extra step. “Through the years a couple of the faces may have changed, but for the most part the H&S team is a bunch of good people trying to do the right thing,” he said


His inner circle at home includes his two boys and a dog. “My sons both have college degrees and great jobs.  They are in their mid- to late-20s. I spend as much time as possible with all three,” he said.


Most of Dan’s interests are found outside or on the water. “If I’m not on the water or playing outside, I’m usually tinkering on some project in the garage or basement. You will rarely find me idle,” he said.

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“My hobbies have tamed through the years. I used to think I had to try it all, at least once.

Sky diving, bungee jumping, scuba diving the ocean, were all great experiences, but now I’m content spending time on the water or messing with a guitar/gun/motorcycle.

Life can be short…Try to do the things you like as much as possible.”


If you need to reach Dan directly, please call or text his cell at 715-340-9612 or email him at [email protected]