Security System Thwarts Allenton, WI Break-In

Small business owners face many challenges, but few can change an entrepreneur’s fortunes as swiftly as a break-in or theft due to inadequate security. One of H&S Protection’s customers in  Allenton, WI, recently learned the true value of security after a new 2GIG system helped thwart a break-in with an audible alarm and instant notification.

We heard back from our customer who told us, “Without our 2GIG security system, the thieves would have gotten in, and probably would have caused a lot more damage. After this experience, I’d tell any small business owner that they need some kind of security system, no matter where they are located or what their business is. It’s just about peace of mind, knowing that your inventory is protected and there is a strong deterrent for criminals.”

HS matt

Their security system includes wireless door contacts and infrared motion sensors. When unknown assailants attempted to pry open the café’s kitchen door overnight, the security system alerted H&S.

“This is an excellent example of 2GIG stopping criminals cold in their tracks, before they even get an opportunity to do major damage,” Steve Garritson, co-owner of H&S Protection, explained. “When the criminal tried to pry open the door, the 2GIG security system activated, turned on its audible siren and instantly notified us that there was a security issue. After calling the business owner, the owner immediately went to the café, observed that the door was damaged, and called the police to come clear the building.”

This relatively minor crime and business interruption could have been far worse if not for the dedication and persistence of H&S Protection System’s salesmen.

“The owner weighed the risk versus reward for months before  deciding on a security system. As a small business owner myself, I know it’s crucial to account for every dollar spent and control overhead costs. But as any break-in victim will tell you, when it comes to building security, the cost is always justified. There’s simply no better way to ensure your hard work and livelihood is protected than to invest in a security system,” Garritson said.

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H&S installed the wireless 2GIG security system less than a year before the break-in. After the incident, the owner increased the property’s protection with a  camera system that uses motion detection to automatically begin recording motion clips, without the need for full-time recording or a DVR system.

This type of incident is fairly common, and is precisely what security systems are used to prevent and mitigate.

“Even though it started with a crime, this is a happy story. I want every business owner to be protected and able to focus on their own success. Proper security protects assets, provides peace-of-mind and enables entrepreneurs to grow their businesses in spite of criminals’ efforts,” Garritson said.

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Foxconn and H&S Protection

If you live, work or play in southeast Wisconsin, you know about Foxconn. The entire Racine-Kenosha-Sturtevant-Pleasant Prairie-Mt. Pleasant area is currently being disrupted in multiple ways as construction amps up. It’s not just the site under construction. It’s roads. It’s piping being laid to Lake Michigan for water. It’s on-ramps to the interstate.

We know because we serve the area. The project to build the facility will take years. That means a lot of change – earth being moved, roads being paved, traffic redirected, houses and businesses being built.

As a small business serving both southeast and central Wisconsin, H&S stands prepared to help new and existing businesses and homes with security services that meet 21st century standards.


If you have a business in southeast Wisconsin, or you’re a home or commercial builder, we’re here to address your security needs.  H&S Protection serves businesses of many different sizes and product lines. When new restaurants, schools, supermarkets or movie theaters are built in the years ahead as a result of growth in that corridor of Wisconsin, we will be ready with the products and services to help protect them.


H&S Protection has grown since its inception in 1959. Any business must adapt to changing circumstances to thrive. Foxconn is changing the landscape of southeast Wisconsin. That means adjustment and opportunity for many people and businesses. We truly hope to see our state benefit from the influx of the facility and stand prepared to do our part in providing the type of ongoing service that makes Wisconsinites proud.