H&S Sales Team Transitions as Two Retire

Several weeks back, two of our longer tenured H&S employees retiredjim rick– Jim Kurtz and Rick Janowski. Both worked in sales out of our Pewaukee, WI office. We were sad to see them go. But everyone reaches a stage where there’s a time to take the next step in life.

We appreciate the great years of service they gave us and our clients in southeastern Wisconsin. Over the years, they built relationships that can’t be duplicated. We’re proud to have had them as part of our team.


Every business goes through certain ebbs and flows, and losing two experienced long-term employees is always a challenge. We knew the time would come for Jim and Rick to hang up their spikes, and we’ve prepared for an orderly transition through the course of this year and into next. Their accounts will be shifted over, and other members of our team will smoothly assume their duties. If you are a customer, we trust these account changes will be seamless for you.

jim rick steve

In Pewaukee, our sales staff includes Danny Greco, Dave Kwasinski and Dan Revoy. You may reach any of them at our 262.574.7777 number. Danny has been with us for10 years, and in addition to sales has also worked as a lead technician. He handles many bigger projects for us, and is a trusted advisor. Dave has been with us close to two years and has rapidly picked up the security business model. He is excellent at analyzing a project thoroughly and giving accurate quotes to our residential and commercial customers.  In addition to his regular duties, Dave has already assumed some leadership responsibilities with our newer sales staff members.

Dan started with us earlier this year but has been in the security industry for several years. Hailing from Kenosha, he knows southeast Wisconsin like the back of his hand, and with his experience in our industry, he too is highly capable of providing solutions to fit your security needs.


We will continue to grow and evolve our business model and our employees in the years ahead. It’s with mixed emotions that we watch Jim and Rick take that next stop in their lives — happy to see them reach retirement and sad for all the memories and good times that come to an end at some point. We will continue to build our business and people to serve all our customers in a way that would make them proud.