“Learning New Things on the Job”: H&S’s Greta Terrill

Greta Terrill is constantly learning new things on her job. It’s one of the big reasons she enjoys working at H&S Protection. After her son was born, Greta reentered the workforce on a part-time basis. It was there that she got a call from a temp agency with the offer of a full-time position at H&S.

“It was a welcoming environment,” Greta said when she interviewed for the position and met the people in the Stevens Point office. She appreciated that employees stay with the company, the family atmosphere and the people. As the Administrative Assistant for the Stevens Point office, she chuckled that she gets to do “everything that everyone else doesn’t want to do.”

The job is more than that. Greta may be back in the warehouse area filling orders at one point, ordering business cards during another, then setting up billing for a customer. Her job has grown in her three years at the office. Originally, she worked a lot with H&S’s monitoring company and filing paperwork, but her position has added multiple duties. “It would be hard for me to take more on given how much I have to do now. There’s more work than there are hours in the day,” she said.

Greta is married to Brady and in addition to their son, she has four step children, ages 15, 12, 10 and 7 (their son is 4). Much of her spare time is spent at baseball fields, as Brady serves as a coach in the Stevens Point area. Greta is on the board for Stevens Point Baseball, and said with a laugh, “The baseball season is never technically over when you’re married to a coach.”

She enjoys the outdoors, including gardening and hunting. “Our family spends a lot of time outdoors. We can foods, hunt, then it’s back to baseball.” In her “spare” time, she also teaches a wellness and essential oil class.

“H&S is an awesome place to work, and good people to work for. You get a lot of opportunity to learn new things,” she said.