Matt Hills Finds “Perfect Fit” at H&S Protection

Matt Hills found his perfect fit at H&S Protection. As an installer hired this past September, Hills was looking for a position where he could take on a diverse set of duties, be rewarded for initiative and use all his skills.

matt hills

When a hiring agency got in touch with Matt after his previous jobs as a fork lift operator and working in manufacturing plants didn’t yield the hours or activities, he sought, he jumped at H&S. “The job description talked about construction wiring and technical smarts. It fit me to a tee. I love tech stuff, and it seemed like a perfect fit,” he said.


He’d been looking for full-time work and had been bored in previous jobs, hoping also to find a position that appreciated him as a hard worker, something he felt hadn’t occurred over the past few years. At age 24, Matt is now settling in with H&S and with his girlfriend Gina, as they look for a place to live together.


“I like that there is something different every day,” Matt said about what he enjoys in his job. “It’s not the same thing every day – like pulling a lever in a plant. It’s fantastic because it’s not factory work, which I’ve done in the past. I get to use my brain instead of just doing what’s expected.”


Matt enjoys the full H&S experience. “H&S treats you like a person, not a number. Mike Horgan (co-owner, along with Steve Garritson, and in charge of the H&S office in Stevens Point, where Matt works out of) is a REAL person. We’re a team, family, close knit. Employees are not a number.”


Hills also appreciates the goal of H&S – protecting people and property. “We keep people safe and give them peace of mind. I go home at night and think to myself, ‘I did good things today’.”


When not installing or servicing alarm systems, video cameras, cable, access control equipment, Hills continues to enjoy working on computers when he is home. He also likes video gaming and describes himself as a “technofile,” which is “why I latched onto networking in the job. It’s a hobby of mine.” He also enjoys hanging out with friends and playing tennis.


“This is the best job I’ve ever had,” Matt enthused. “Customers know that they can rely on us as professionals to do a good job. I see firsthand how some other companies don’t give a job the focus and detail it requires. We’re better than the local competitors. I see it firsthand on my installations when I look at the work other companies have done that we have to fix,” he emphasized.