Security — A Wise Investment

We believe security is a wise investment. Not every home or business needs a security system, but that’s why we’re here – to listen to your needs and figure out if a security system makes sense for you, and if so, what specific considerations come into play. We want our customers to make a wise decision, and we help you by providing the knowledge for you to make the best-informed decision.
security system image
Once a system is installed, everything is not “done.” Your system still must be operated wisely in the months and years ahead to ensure you reap the greatest effectiveness. That means following some simple rules. We’ve recently put together a series of points for customers when we meet with them face-to-face. Here are some follow-up tips for you to remember to help you keep making “wise” decisions:

1. Practice using your system so you’re comfortable.
2. Train everyone who needs to know how to use the system.
3. Make sure everyone involved knows the correct codes to use.
4. Call H&S Protection Systems with any unanswered questions.
5. Contact your local authorities to register your system.
6. Ask your insurance carrier about any alarm system discounts.
7. Test your system at least once a month.
8. Enjoy the peace of mind your system can give you.

Wisdom comes from years of experience. Here at H&S Protection Systems, we are happy to share our security wisdom with you. We learn from our customers. That helps us make better decisions for you.

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