When You Need and Update or Upgrade

Do you need an update or upgrade to your current security system? There are a number of issues to consider to ensure your system is operating optimally.

First, nationally, cellular systems are being upgraded. H&S Protection is working with customers to get systems switched from 3G (gigabytes of data) to 4G. In addition, with a cellular upgrade, it eliminates the security risk of having your phone line cut. If your phone line is cut, and the alarm goes off, our central station would not get the signal. This improvement helps with connectivity, and, if you have a phone line, going cellular helps eliminate the need (and cost) of maintaining a landline. You can cancel that dedicated landline and save the monthly expense.

Second, a simple visit from our technical staff can easily determine through a quick test whether your battery is low. Replacement of the battery is important to maintain your system’s signal-sending capabilities.

Third, a visit from one of our technicians comes with a diagnostics analysis. If you think there is a problem with your security system or just want to check to make sure all components are running effectively, let us know. This serves as preventive maintenance. When we assess for problems, these tests allow us to determine connectivity and whether there are any communication issues between devices (from your system to the monitoring center).

We check for keypad issues. We test the alarm. If you have cameras, we will take a look at the imaging onsite and on your smart phone.

Fifth, if you have smoke detectors, and the system is 8-10-years-old or older, it is probably a good time for a replacement to ensure safety for your home.

A couple of other odds and ends for you to consider: Door contacts can wear out over time. A visit from our H&S technicians would reveal any issue, test and replace those contacts as necessary.

And, when it comes to video, we check the recorder during any service visit and storage capacity (how far back time-wise you can store video) to ensure they are still meeting the needs of your business or home. Finally, we can  update  the firmware for an increase in security as well.

Ask us about our Preferred Service Plan, where labor and parts are covered 100 percent – eliminating any unexpected costs for you.

If you would like to schedule a service visit with our team for an update, upgrade or just to ensure your security system is operating the way it should, call us in Stevens Point at 715.344.0727 or Pewaukee/Waukesha at 262.574.7777.