Calling an Audible

In football, the quarterback may “call an audible.” When it comes to security systems, you want to make sure the area surrounding your home or business “hears an audible” alarm.

Don’t take that advice from us. It comes from the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department. Recently, the Wisconsin Security Association (WISA) held a Zoom session with the sheriff’s office on police- and business protection-oriented issues. One area that surfaced was appropriate protection provided by alarm systems.

A tip from the sheriff’s staff during the session with WISA was that “loud audible alarms” are one of THE best deterrents to burglar-related break-ins. The sound drives off the bad guys if they’ve chosen to break in. And, if the alarm has sounded previously, anyone casing the area recognizes that you have an alarm system and it will loudly alert the local community if your business or home has been breached.

No one wants to hear a super loud alarm sounding time after time next door. We recognize that. At the same time, the alarm sounding provides extra prevention and deterrence to your system. Law enforcement knows.

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