Limiting Entrance and Exit Points

Limiting entrance and exit points to your business are part of a successful security strategy. It intuitively makes sense – fewer access points make for fewer locations where a breach can occur.

At the same time, by limiting where people come and go, you simplify your security plan. Whether you use an access control system, video cameras, or some form of intrusion detection, by limiting key points where people come into your facility, you make it easier to establish your security protocols at those locations.

That’s where H&S Protection comes in. We hold discussions with clients on how to best protect your access points after you’ve determined where delivery trucks, employees or customers enter or exit. With your input, we craft the best system to protect your facility.

Entrances and exits can be the weakest points in an otherwise successful security strategy. No matter how many cameras, motion sensors or access control technologies you have in place, if you can’t monitor and control who comes in and out of your building, then it is easier for a perpetrator to find a weak link.

After meeting with H&S, our staff will craft an intelligent plan using smart technology choices. You can transform your building’s entrances and exits from the most vulnerable part of your facility to the most secure.

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