One BIG Reason Not to Self-Install Your Security System

There are a lot of reasons NOT to self-install a security system in your home or business. Here’s one of them.

At H&S Protection, we talk with potential customers who’d like to save money on their installation and decide to do it themselves (or have a friend/relative do it). Recently, we sold a system to a customer, but he wanted to self-install a camera rather than have our technicians do the job.

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GUESS WHAT? They had a burglary (a purse was stolen in broad daylight) and they had not set up the camera to properly record. So they had no video of the crime scene. That’s what can happen when a home or business chooses to personally install their own cameras or alarm system.


We certainly understand customers want to save money. We strive to give you a competitive price quote. At the same time, it’s important to remember that a professional installation from H&S Protection gives you a much higher degree of certainty that your system will operate the way it’s supposed to.

There are no magic bullets out there. When you choose to install security yourself, you take on additional risks. If that’s in your comfort zone, we’ll support you.

But if you want it done by a team of experts like H&S Protection, you’ll not only get years of experience and training to ensure more effective operation of your equipment, but you’ll also have us in your back pocket for service if you need help down the road. That’s what you pay for, and we’re proud to provide that extra layer of safety to our customers.

Check out our web site at:  If you’d like a free quote, contact our Pewaukee, WI or Stevens Point, WI office, and we will send a representative out to meet with you. Go with the pros.