Meet Our People on the New H&S Protection Web Site

In today’s electronically connected world, we don’t always meet others face-to-face. At H&S Protection, our sales staff and technicians work directly with customers at their homes or place of business. But what happens if you are a potential customer and want to find out more about our people before we meet with you? Our newly refurbished web site is designed to answer that question.


One of the major reasons we redesigned our web site was to give current and potential customers the opportunity to meet our people. Our industry (installing and servicing security equipment in businesses and homes) requires the utmost trust. You must feel good about us for you to hire H&S for a job. We want to be as transparent as possible so you get to know us better. A way to do that is to publish photos on our employees with their job titles so you see WHO we are and WHAT we do.


There’s more than just photos. Check out the owners’ message from Steve Garritson and Mike Horgan. If you want to know how we operate and what we believe, their message will give you a strong sense of who we are and what we stand for.


You may also want to check our “What’s New” icon at the top of the landing page. You’ll find all our blogs there, which is updated with new issues we face in the field and as an industry.


H&S Protection is also very aware of the influence of video clips. We want to SHOW you what we can do in terms of protecting your home or business. How better to do that than having a YouTube page with clips you can easily access and watch? We demonstrate the infrared (IR) abilities of our cameras. There is a clip of police checking out a building after an alarm signal. We have a video of a car crashing through the front window of a building. You may want to watch just for fun, or to see what technologies we have to offer.


Regardless of your reason for coming to the new H&S web site, we hope you come back again. Our goal is to continue posting new material to inform (and perhaps entertain) you. If you have tips or feedback, please contact Dave Simon in our Pewaukee, WI office (262.424.1271 or [email protected]).