Vet and Animal Protection

If you are a veterinarian or work at an animal hospital, you face unique security challenges. First, there are the animals themselves. If something unforeseen happens to an animal in your care, it is always good to have video coverage for insurance backup. That means having security cameras installed strategically throughout your facility.
That video footage not only protects you in case one of the animals is hurt, but also helps identify if another animal (or employee) mistreated the pet. The huge majority of people who work for vets or animal hospitals care deeply about the pets. But that’s not 100 percent of the employees. And it only takes one angry, disgruntled or emotionally tight individual to do some harm to your business and reputation.


A second unique need for vets and animal hospitals to consider is to protect pharmaceuticals on-site. Sadly, drug addicts seek out weakened security buildings, and a vet business or animal hospital can be perceived that way. Drugs used to treat animals are targets for both human use and resale by addicts. Access control, video, intercom systems, motion sensors, window breaks and video doorbells are all options useful to protect these facilities from forced entry.


Finally, don’t forget about your employees and your parking lot. There are many crimes of opportunity that occur when we happen to look away. Even if you live or work in a “safe” neighborhood, it doesn’t mean temptation won’t occasionally strike a passer-by to punch in a window to grab a purse or reach in an open car window to lift a smart phone. Protecting your parking lot with video coverage is a good idea. Not only does it give peace-of-mind to your customers and employees, but it also provides you video footage if something happens to an animal in your parking lot and you need to access it later.


At H&S, we service many businesses, and pride ourselves on coverage for these types of facilities. Give us a call and let us know what concerns you have when it comes to security protection. We’re here to listen, so we can design, install and monitor what works best for you.